This is Public & Sexy

RGKSKSRG with studio 468/Common Ground present This is Public & Sexy, a collection of artworks, choreographers and minor dramas, performed live. Saturday 6 February 2016 from 8pm to midnight in St Andrews Community Centre, Rialto. Tickets €10.00 available through Eventbrite.

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January News

studio 468: Emma Haugh & RGKSKSRG

Emma Haugh’s solo exhibition, curated by RGKSKSRG, at NCAD  Gallery is reviewed by Gemma Tipton for Frieze magazine.

RGKSKSRG’s closing public event will take place in St Andrews Community Centre on February 6th 2016. THIS IS PUBLIC & SEXY will host live performances, featuring Irish and International artists and choreographers. This ticketed event will be publicised through our website, facebook and twitter.

November News

The Re-appropriation of Sensuality

The Re-appropriation of Sensuality is a long-term, collaborative project by artist Emma Haugh. Curated by RGKSKSRG, it is presented as a solo exhibition, a performance and a public programme. The exhibition will open in the NCAD gallery, Thomas Street, on Thursday November 5th at 6pm, with a performance at 6.30pm. The exhibition will run until December 2nd.

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June 2015 News

Emma Haugh visual artist and RGKSKSRG at studio 468

Emma Haugh and RGKSKSRG – curators Kate Strain and Rachael Gilbourne will be located in studio 468 for 9 months (May 2015 to January 2016).  They will jointly animate the studio as a hub of activity for Haugh’s collaborative and multidisciplinary arts practice, in a locally embedded and responsive manner.

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April 2015 News

As part of Music Town Common Ground presents ‘The Quiet Tree’

Let your children be mesmerised by a traditional Irish musical fairy tale. The Quiet Tree is an intimate traditional Irish musical performance specifically designed for young children and their families. The creatures of Whistleberry Forest have discovered an old oak tree growing deep in the woods.

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