• studio 468 - Culture Night 2017 at studio 468


From April 10th – 15th Common Ground presents a series of artworks and performances that reflect on the studio 468 awards programme CITIZEN ARTIST 2016-2018. The work of the following artists will be shown: Seoidin O’Sullivan – The Grafter from HARD/GRAFT, Fiona Reilly – Declarations of Time Spent from The Dept. of Timekeepers, Laragh Pittman – The Invisible Museum, Pat Curran – This City Life, and Mark Holburn – Individualisation & Useless Time.

Free tickets can be booked through Eventbrite.


About Common Ground

Common Ground is an arts organisation based in the Canal Communities. It was founded in 1998 to explore the potential role of arts and culture in urban community regeneration.
Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to experience everything that the arts can offer. We believe the arts are essential to the renewal, development and day-to-day life of any community.