Culture Night at studio 468

On Culture Night, Friday September 16th, studio 468 will host visual artist Laragh Pittman and her project with local migrant women called Artefact for an Invisible Museum: 1: Cover of Dreams. The Invisible Museum is designed to act as a repository to capture the complexity of experience of people from different cultural backgrounds settling in Dublin city.

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Citizen Artist 2016-2018 Awards

In 2016 studio 468 created a new awards programme CITIZEN ARTIST that seeks to interrogate our current state of being as a nation and inform new thinking and artistic practices.

The studio team is pleased to announce the following 11 artists/groups/collaborations who have been selected for residencies over the next 2 years. The majority of those awarded will share their space with each other and groups during their CITIZEN ARTIST award.

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The Far Field as part of MUSICTOWN in IMMA April 17th

The Far Field – a magical music performance at IMMA on April 17th at 12 noon, 2pm & 3.30pm.       Tickets €5 (1 adult & 2 children) directly from eventbrite .FarField_Musictownposter

The otherworldly realm of fairies is brought to life in this music performance for young children (aged 5+), developed and performed by Thomas Johnston (whistles/song) with Seán McElwain (guitar/fiddle/whistle), and Emma Fisher (puppeteer).

One Spring day, Lonán the farmer discovers a magical whistle hidden in a hare’s nest. Suspecting that it belongs to the fairy folk who live at the edge of his farm, Lonán decides that the whistle should be returned to its rightful owners.  What follows on his journey to the far field are strange and wonderful encounters with Cara the cow, a mischievous hare, shiny singing stones, and a hooley under the hawthorn tree.



Citizen Artist – studio 468

studio 468 has created a new awards programme CITIZEN ARTIST that seeks to interrogate our current state of being and inform new thinking and artistic practices.  CITIZEN ARTIST seeks proposals from artists, groups of place and interest, inter-disciplinary collectives/creative practices that seek to research ideas, to challenge and test and build modes of inter-disciplinary thinking and art practice.  These can be between 6 months and two years in order to consider and combine research, provocations, realisations and challenges.

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