A Radical Imagination – a new community based residency award

A Radical Imagination is a community based residency award running from April 2022 to December 2022.   It offers two collaborative or socially engaged artists / arts collective / community partners an opportunity to be based in Dublin 8 over a two year period between two settings with multiple supports.

The first phase, from April to December 2022 will be primarily a research phase, located in both studio 468 and the Lodge, Inchicore.  The timing of the award also marks when Dublin 8, the area in which Common Ground works and is located continues to experience multiple changes to its urban and social fabric as we navigate our way through a pandemic.


We welcome proposals from a cross section of socially engaged / collaborative artist(s) and / or art collectives / community groups who are new, or not so new, to this field of practice and are interested in engaging in, expanding or collaborating across art forms and disciplines.

Please see the attached brief A RADICAL IMAGINATION _ FINAL