Culture Night is Friday September 21st and studio 468 will open the doors from 5.30pm to 9.30pm. Artist and precarious worker Fiona Reilly will present a collection of new works comprising live readings, embroideries and printed material. The works presented are traces of encounters with visitors to ‘The Department of Time Keepers’ – a precarious institution Fiona established at studio 468 during her residency in 2017.

‘The Department of Time Keepers’ was established with the aim of thinking publicly about how being in receipt of social welfare affects our sense of time. It expanded to ask broader questions about work, labour and value:

Why do we value some forms of work more than others?

If time is a resource who owns it?

How do we decide what is time well spent or time wasted?

Fiona sees herself as the custodian of the material generated from people’s interactions with the ‘Department’. Within this material are questions surrounding the culture of work, material and immaterial labour, chrono-anxiety, busyness as a virtue and the growing feeling that one must account for oneself.

As economic models and ideologies increasingly infiltrate even more aspects of our lives, ‘The Department of Time Keepers’ invites you to consider what you do with your time, and why.