The Producers was a collaboration between Vaari Claffey, a Dublin-based curator whose annual screening, sculpture and performance event, Gracelands, has been highly acclaimed; Seoidín O’Sullivan, a veteran of studio 468 and a driving force behind the establishment of the South Circular Road Community Garden; and Jeanette Doyle of ‘The Food Thing’, an artistic initiative that is engaged in an open-ended exploration of the cultural politics and economies of food and who has devised a menu specifically reflecting the local context and grown in the garden itself.

They described the centerpiece of their project as ‘an informal performative banquet of screenings/artworks and cold dishes’.  Ittook place on the evening of Saturday June 29 2014 in St Andrew’s community Centre and the South Circular road Community Garden. It featured installations by Seoidin O’Sullivan and Rhona Byrne, a screening of Asparagus Ballet by UK artists Pil and Galia Collective. ‘Food sculptures’ created by Jeanette Doyle – with produce foraged locally and from the South Circular Community Garden.  In the Community Garden, a series of artworks by Garrett Phelan, Lucy Andrews, Oisín Byrne and Marie Farringon were exhibited, screenings of art films alongside locally-sourced food art.

Other events included a walk and talk tour with historian Michael Keogh looking at the history of Dolphins Barn wartime allotments; a Seed and Plant Swop in Studio 468 led by Kaethe Burt O’Dea and a plant walk with Pears of Ruuts and Shuuts vegan cooking collective, identifying edible and medicinal plants growing wild in and around Dolphin’s Barn and Rialto.