Laragh’s project proposal The Invisible Museum acted as a flexible, migratory and virtual space. It was designed to act as a repository to capture the complexity of experience of new people from different cultural backgrounds settling in Dublin city. The Invisible Museum visualised and was representative of the often transient and unacknowledged contribution they make to the fabric of Irish life.

The Invisible Museum is inspired by the Silent University, initiated by Turkish artist Ahmet Ögüt in 2012; an autonomous knowledge exchange platform by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

Laragh’s work The Invisible Museum was exhibited in April 2019 as part of CITIZEN ARTIST.

During her residency Laragh worked with Muslim women from the SCRd Mosque, with the support of Common Ground and Rialto Community Network. She hosted a Culture Clinic in studio 468 and invited participants to explore the fluid nature of culture and to create images and words to capture their collective experience.

Laragh is a member of Art Nomads.