Emma Haugh’s artistic practice negotiates the territory of queer culture, the urban environment and feminist critique, channelled through a subtle aesthetic and generative, participatory research approach.

RGKSKSRG between Dublin and Graz, commission, present and contextualise contemporary art. Through linking with sites, communities and institutions, RGKSKSRG work to create new contexts for engaged encounters between artists and audiences. These contexts can involve new commissions, solo and group exhibitions, live events, curatorial residencies, talks, interviews, performances, texts, and artworks hosted online or in real life.

Two major public events were informed by Emma Haugh and RGKSKSRG residency in studio 468.  These were NCAD gallery – expanded exhibition by Emma Haugh with a series of curated texts and talks in November 2015 and THIS IS PUBLIC & SEXY – February 2016 St Andrew’s Community Centre Rialto.

THIS IS PUBLIC & SEXY was a live performative event featuring a collection of artworks and choreographers. This major residency event curated and hosted the following Irish and International artists: Stéphane Béna Hanly (IE), Tomaso De Luca (IT), Emma Haugh (DE/IE), Christopher Mahon (IE), Dennis McNulty (IE), James Moran (IE), and Choreographers: Sibyl Montague (IE), Jim Ricks (US/IE), Dan Walwin (UK), Angela Fulcher (UK/IE), Emily Mast (US)

Curators Kate Strain and Rachel Gilbourne produced This is Public and Sexy with Emma Haugh.