About studio 468

studio 468 is situated in the vibrant and active St. Andrew’s Community Centre in Rialto, Dublin 8.

The studio differs from the traditional artist’s studio in that it offers extended and multiple practice possibilities for artists who wish to work within a community context.

Resident artists are asked to identify a community group or community of interest in the Rialto area to engage with during their time in the studio. To date, artists have worked with Rialto Community Drug Team, Ferrini Youth Club, Fatima Homework Club, Rialto Day Care Centre and Rialto Youth Project among others.

The Rialto community is offered the opportunity to engage with the resident artist. Both artist and community are given the chance to respond to life in the area as they understand or experience it.

In 2011, the studio was relocated within the premises of St. Andrew’s Community Centre. This modern, spacious studio has 24 hour access for the artist, full disability access and free wifi.

Open calls for applications to the studio are usually made two years in advance of the residency. The next application process will begin in early 2016.

The studio’s development in the community

For twenty years artists have moved in and out of the Rialto area, met and worked with its residents, left their mark and sometimes caused controversy. Very little takes place in isolation and while Dublin changed in the 1990s the number of artists who were seeking opportunities to develop their work in different ways grew.

studio 468 was a local development response to the arts and cultural work that took place in the Rialto area over that time.

Since it opened in December 2003, studio 468 has become a rich resource within the community of Rialto for residents and artists alike. It has opened up possibilities for artists and the immediate community to respond to the area and the issues that may affect them on a daily basis.

Through residencies in studio 468, many artists have shifted from working in isolation to working collectively. The interest in making art with different community groups that challenge and take risks is evident; work that describes cultural rights and entitlement as opposed to just tokenistic public participation.

Celebrating 10 years!

studio 468 celebrated its 10th birthday in late 2013.  To mark the occasion the studio team awarded 6 468X10 research awards in March 2013, these are representative of its core values and its engagement with the community over the past 10 years.  As part of marking those first 10 years studio 468 made another public call in late 2013 for 2014 – 2015. studio 468 would also like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Logan Sisley and his  contribution to studio 468‘s development for the last 6 years.  We wish him well in his future endeavours.

Studio Team

studio 468 is managed by a partnership of the following organisations and people:

  • Siobhán Geoghegan – Director of Artistic Programme at Common Ground
  • Katy Fitzpatrick – Common Ground nominee with expertise in curating work and early years
  • Ray Hegarty – Local resident, photographer and member of Rialto Development Association
  • Documentation support – Kieran Doyle O’Brien

Advisory Role:

  • Sheena Barrett – Dublin City Council Arts Officer

studio 468 is funded through Common Ground’s annual Arts Council revenue funding and Dublin City Council Arts Office revenue funding.

Download studio 468 a working space in Rialto, the publication that marks the first eight years of studio 468.