‘US’ Again

‘US’ Again was made during visual artist Kathryn Maguire’s residency ‘Paradise Regained’ in studio 468 during 2013.

Video: Ronan McCall
Editor: Rossa Lundberg
Music: The Water Project
Producer: Common Ground
Kathryn Maguire’s residency was supported and funded by: Common Ground and Rialto Development Association, The Arts Council, Dublin City Council and Waterways Ireland.
Special thanks to: Mick Kinahan & Jim Connolly – Dublin Branch Inland Waterways, Kieran Doyle O Brien & Sinead Garcia and Siobhan Geoghegan.


Rhythm of the Streets

Rhythm of the Streets and The Moment were devised and made by contemporary dancers Jeong Hyun Kim and Dong Myoung Lee during their residency at studio 468 in 2010. During their residency they held workshops with staff from the Rialto Community Drug Project and with children from Generation Text. In April 2010 this culminated in a dance and film showcase St. Andrew’s Community Centre, Rialto where studio 468 is based.

Jeong Hyun Kim and Dong Myoung Lee are members of the improvisation group, Improad Badac, based in Seoul, South Korea. Jeong Hyun Kim studied choreography at the Korean National University of Arts having previously studied film and French literature and has choreographed dance pieces and worked for theatre, film and public spaces. Dong Myoung Lee studied dance at Yong in University, makes films and performs publicly.


Kang-Hyun Ahn – do focail, mo capall

During her residency at studio 468 Korean artist Kang-Hyun Ahn was inspired by local children’s interest in horses to construct a horse from paper.

Wearing an Irish dancing costume also constructed from paper, Kang – Hyun led her horse to the market at Smithfield, Dublin.


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