Our vision is of a community with creativity at its heart. A community in which artists work and local people are offered the opportunity to engage with the arts.

Common Ground, working directly or indirectly with partners, creates connections between artists and community groups and ensures that the resulting exchanges are continuously progressive, constructive and rewarding.


Our mission is to provide people with the opportunity to experience everything that the arts can offer.

At Common Ground we believe the arts are essential to the renewal, development and day-to-day life of any community.

Through arts education, music facilitation, collaborative community arts projects and a new early years programme, Common Ground provides the community with the enjoyment, entertainment, reflection questioning and expression that the arts can offer.


Common Ground believes that the arts should be accessible to everyone. It is possible for everyone to participate in and enjoy the arts in many ways. They can also be a powerful means of viewing and altering the circumstances in which people live.

The arts provide a platform for understanding the world in new ways. They offer possibilities rather than limitations, inclusion rather than exclusion and diversity rather than uniformity.

Common Ground believes it is essential to engage with people living in the Canal Communities so they have the opportunity to work directly with professional artists and to advance meaningful change through their work. Common Ground believes in the importance of working closely with artists; to support them in sharing their knowledge and experiences with others and to assist them in identifying the evolution of their own practice through their teaching. Common Ground also believes that it is essential to build and sustain relationships with partners over the long term.