This is Public & Sexy

RGKSKSRG with studio 468/Common Ground present This is Public & Sexy, a collection of artworks, choreographers and minor dramas, performed live. Saturday 6 February 2016 from 8pm to midnight in St Andrews Community Centre, Rialto. Tickets €10.00 available through Eventbrite.

This is Public & Sexy features in order of appearance – Emma Haugh (IE/DE), Vivian Ziherl (AU/NL), Stéphane Béna Hanly (IE), James Moran (IE), Dennis McNulty (IE), Dan Walwin (UK/NL), Anne Strain (IE), Sibyl Montague (IE), Moira Brady Averill (US/IE), Tomaso De Luca (IT), Christopher Mahon (IE), Emily Mast (US), Angela Fulcher (UK/IE), NCAD Student Bodies (IE), RGKSKSRG (IE), and Emma Haugh (IE/DE), again.

With specially commissioned soundtracks, a fanfare of artworks, the choreographers and the cocktails, you are invited to join us for the ultimate awkward dancefloor moment. Together in anticipation, we wait for the dark corners.

This is Public & Sexy celebrates the closing night of the nine-month residency of Berlin-based Irish artist Emma Haugh and the curators RGKSKSRG at studio 468, Dublin. Part of a studio 468/Common Ground Realisation Award – marking studio 468’s tenth year – the residency has provided the space and support for the development and production of the exhibition The Re-appropriation of Sensuality, a long-term collaborative project by artist Emma Haugh. The project seeks to re-formulate representations of desire and the politics of architecture, looking at the relationship between body knowledge, performance and the anatomy of space. Curated by RGKSKSRG, the exhibition was presented with a programme of workshops, lectures and screenings at NCAD Gallery, Dublin, from November – December 2015.

This is Public & Sexy draws from and expands on ideas within the exhibition, refocusing gestures within the particular architectural environment of studio 468 and its location within St Andrews Community Centre, Rialto, Dublin. The event also marks the launch of a newly published zine created by Emma Haugh in conversation with the Netherlands-based critic and curator Vivian Ziherl.

RGKSKSRG and studio 468/Common Ground would like to thank the artists, the choreographers, NCAD Student Bodies, Alex Synge, our kind supporters – Ellis King Gallery and private donors – and the audience, without whom This is Public & Sexy would not be possible.

studio 468/Common Ground is supported by Dublin City Council and the Arts Council of Ireland.

The title This is Public & Sexy is a phrase borrowed from the artwork The Decorative Practice of Modernity in my Days of Boredom (While I Was Lying and Loving Myself on the Bed. Man, I taste like Nothing!), 2015, by Tomaso De Luca, with kind permission from the artist.