‘This City Life’ – Living on the edge of Dublin’s everyday

Everyone is very welcome to the launch and exhbition of Dublin based visual artists Pat Curran and Mark Holburn joint exhibition ‘This City Life’ in Ballyfermot Library at 6.30pm on June 7th.

Pat’s paintings and Mark’s installed arts works map and present their responses to their rich cultural experiences and observations of Dublin’s contemporary life. They both graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Since September 2017 Pat and Mark have been part of the CITIZEN ARTIST Collective based in studio 468, in St Andrew’s Community Centre, Rialto, Dublin 8.  ‘City Life’ is open in Ballyfermot Library until June 30th.

While in studio 468 Pat and Mark hosted a public, open studio.  Pat invited local people to share images and memories of people who grew up in the Rialto area during the sixties, seventies, and eighties.  His paintings are a direct response to those images.  The ideas that are of interest to him in his work consist of images of the city, of people growing up in the city and their relationship to it. Reflections on his own sense of personal identity, family relationships, the influence of religious dogmas as he was growing up, have all been re-evaluated through his developing studio practice. His paintings present a deeply personal and grounded response to his life experience and at the same time contain his observations of daily life and social justice issues.

Mark is from Tallaght and describes his work as, “painting the place with materials, marking my journey with art”.  Mark uses found materials as symbolic items whilst other found objects he simply finds playful or interesting. He receives regular deliveries of items from an interested community of collectors who gift him their collections and materials. His practice of re-working these materials and the results can be exciting and unpredictable.  He describes this re-working of materials as ‘environmenting’ objects in spaces where he spends a great deal of time.   In describing his approach Mark says ‘ I often rework materials many times.   This abundance of materials are my contribution to this City Life.  These most recent personal discoveries lead me to find that the constant production of enhancing these spaces improves the quality of both my daily existence and that of others’. Art is an alternative experience that should be tasted by all, whether it is in the act of making or simply enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labour.’

Pat and Mark are members of the CITIZEN ARTIST Collective and have been in residence in studio 468 from September 2017 – May 2018.  studio 468’s CITIZEN ARTIST 2016 – 2018 awards are resourced and supported by Common Ground.  Studio 468 is a partnership between Common Ground and Rialto Development Association.