Image of Pimlico flats in Dublin 8 with a overlay of a red marking on the ground in front which symbolises where James Connolly's house once stood.

Common Ground is delighted to announce the Collective Futures Award for 2024 is awarded to the art collective, School of Thought, with artist Augustine O’Donoghue, and historian and educator Dr Conor Mc Cabe.  

They will be based in studio 468 in St Andrew’s Community Centre from April to December 2024. The art collective School of Thought is a collaboration between long-time Dublin 8 resident, artist Augustine O’Donoghue, and historian and educator Dr. Conor McCabe. This interdisciplinary collective was established as a creative response to Collective Futures.  School of Thought acknowledges the need and value of working collaboratively across disciplines as a way of bridging different spheres of knowledge, to think through ideas from different perspectives in order to gain new insights and ways of working. They believe that in order to build a future we need to look at the past, that history is not linear but circular, and the future, in many ways, is old. School of Thought will use a range of research-creation methodologies to collaboratively engage with residents across different communities across Dublin 8. Together and with others they will creatively explore, unpack and make visible some of the forces shaping and defining our collective futures.

Their residency will involve workshops, talks, and film screenings within studio 468 itself, which will act as a central hub for the various spokes that will radiate from it. They will also take their work and practice outdoors to the streets of Dublin 8 asking:

Who is shaping our future?

What kind of future do we want?

How do we get there?

Please register your interest in attending research/events to