studio 468 – Citizen Artist

studio 468 has created a new awards programme CITIZEN ARTIST that seeks to interrogate our current state of being and inform new thinking and artistic practices.  CITIZEN ARTIST seeks proposals from artists, groups of place and interest, inter-disciplinary collectives/creative practices that seek to research ideas, to challenge and test and build modes of inter-disciplinary thinking and art practice.  These can be between 6 months and two years in order to consider and combine research, provocations, realisations and challenges.

CITIZEN ARTIST invites proposals that challenge, explore and respond to; what possibilities does art provide? What is the art of politics? What is the place of arts and culture in our Republic? What is the place of artistic practices in Dublin 8, Dublin City, in our present and future Republic? How have we constructed our state’s value systems? What might true equality look like? How did we, or can we truly embrace all our citizens, culturally, socially and economically? What do we mean by community? What is or could be a Republic beyond 2016?

studio 468 celebrated its 10th year through a series of research and realisation awards – studio 468 X 10 from 2013 – 2015. The closing of those awards took place at a Critical Conversation event in April 2015 where Dr Aislinn O’Donnell was invited to set out a series of provocations to those in attendance.  As Aislinn stated on the day ‘Does it make a difference to have an artist around?  What kind of difference does it make?’

The provocations, resulting discussions and future ideas accompany the CITIZEN ARTIST brief in a series of three MP3 podcasts along with a commissioned essay by Dr Aislinn O’Donnell. All combined offer reflections on and responses to art practices that emerged during those 10 years and have shaped the CITIZEN ARTIST brief and its set of enquiries for future arts practice located in studio 468.

DEADLINE for CITIZEN ARTIST proposals: 5pm – Monday 14th March 2016. 

Click here for CITIZEN ARTIST brief

Click here for commissioned essay by Dr Aislinn O’Donnell

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