Artists on the Common Ground

Common Ground has been fortunate to work with a wide range of inspiring professional artists since its inception in December 1999. Our vision is of a society that values the vital role that arts and culture has in transforming, enriching and reflecting on Irish life. The way to ensure this happens is to support artists to develop their work in a collaborative way with the local community and to have artists on the ground in our neighbourhoods.

Here are some of the artists we have worked with outside of studio 468. For information on all artists we have supported/collaborated with in studio 468, click here and here.

Artists we have most recently worked with are:
Maeve O’ Hara
Pia Dunne
Thomas Johnston
Eamon Sweeney
Cora Venus Lunny
Kate Ellis

Artists we have worked with in the past are:
Elaine Agnew
Joe Coveney
Mark Ellison
Robbie Harris
Dara O’ Brien
Nick Roth
Ray Boyle
Noeline Kavanagh
Darragh Shanahan
Enda O’ Brien
Gabrielle Breathnach
Niamh Lawlor
Klaus Vormehr
Brian Fleming
Julie Merriman
Bryan Burroughs
Aislinn Delaney
Eoin Lynch
Joanne Parkes
Mirjam Keune
Michelle Cahill