November News

The Re-appropriation of Sensuality

The Re-appropriation of Sensuality is a long-term, collaborative project by artist Emma Haugh. Curated by RGKSKSRG, it is presented as a solo exhibition, a performance and a public programme. The exhibition will open in the NCAD gallery, Thomas Street, on Thursday November 5th at 6pm, with a performance at 6.30pm. The exhibition will run until December 2nd.

The project seeks to re-formulate representations of desire and the politics of architecture, looking at the relationship between body knowledge, performance and the anatomy of space.

The work is developed and realised via collaborative knowledge production. This takes the form of conversations, workshops, performance and a collective archive of photographs, collages, zines, fantasy texts and architectural drawings.

Emma Haugh and RGKSKSRG are currently in residence in studio 468. The exhibition and development of The Re-appropriation of Sensuality is kindly supported by NCAD Gallery, Dublin City Council, Common Ground/studio 468.