December 2012 News


In late 2013 studio 468 will celebrate its tenth year as a cultural resource in Rialto and the wider Dublin area. To mark the beginning of this anniversary it will host a combination of inter-disciplinary residencies, starting with a series of shorter RESEARCH awards in 2013, followed by three long term residencies through 2014 -15.

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From the city of Seoul to the heart of Dublin – studio 468 contemporary dance event

Studio 468, hosted a Contemporary Dance and Music event on April 30th at 5.30pm in St Andrews Community Centre Rialto.  Studio 468  is a unique cultural space in a vibrant community centre and it offers a special opportunity for  all  types of artists and art forms to interact with local residents in Rialto.

Visiting Ireland for the first time, contemporary dancers Jeong Hyun Kim and Deong Myong Lee’s performed their dance production with local uilleann piper Martin Nolan and showcased their short films made and produced while working in studio 468. .

After their moving and gentle performance Jeong Hyun described their experience of their studio 468 residency as, ‘A unique opportunity to work as an artist in another culture and country.  Studio 468 gave us the opportunity to develop our artistic practice as dancers, it is so different to what we normally do and has given us a new outlook on how we will make work in Korea.  An artists studio based in a community centre gave us such a unique and different experience.’

Today’s performance marks the end of Jeong Hyun Kim and Deong Myong Lee’s residency and since their arrival in November 2009 both Jeong Hyun Kim and Deong Myong Lee have performed and worked within the Rialto area and Dublin City with a variety of other dance artists and local residents.  From Seoul, South Korea, Jeong Hung Kim completed an MA in Korean National University of Arts in 2007 and is currently working with Improad Badac (an improvisation group

Siobhan Geoghegan, Director of Artistic Programme in Common Ground said ‘This has been the second time that studio 468 has hosted international artists from Korea.  Since 2003 Studio 468 has hosted twelve artists residencies. In June this year we will celebrate all those residencies, and work that has come from those residencies in a new publication’.  

Visual artist Jennie Moran will be in residence from May and studio 468 looks forward to launching its new publication in June marking its 8 years of artists residencies.


Common Ground offers local community projects a range of supports and resources to enable the long-term development of arts programmes and projects.

It has also acted in an advisory and developmental role, supporting the management and development of artists’ roles and contracts as well as supporting long term arts development planning.

In March 2008, a film group emerged in the former Fatima Mansions neighbourhood and they approached Common Ground to support them in the development of a film project called ‘The Story of Fatima’.

The plan for this film project is that a group of local residents will work and train with film director and actor Vinny Murphy to devise and script nine short films during 2008 and 2009. People – children and adults – from the local community will act in and make the short films and will showcase the short films as a portfolio and proposal for a feature film. The group’s ultimate aim is to make a feature film in 2011.