Tales from the Promised Land – an Open-Air Exhibition Takes Place in Inchicore

An innovative, week long open-air exhibition will be held at St Michael’s Estate, Inchicore from 20-26 November.


Picture the Future? Yes We Can

Local residents still believe in change with launch of outdoor art exhibition at St Michael’s Estate, Inchicore

Residents of St Michael’s Estate in Inchicore are battling their huge frustration at the long-postponed redevelopment of their rundown estate with a celebration of art, in and by the community, running for seven days from Thursday 20 – 26th November.

Declan McGonagle, Director of the National College of Art and Design, will officially launch this innovative, week long open-air exhibition at St Michael’s Youth Project (Vincent Street West), Inchicore, at 5.30pm on Thursday November 20th.

The exhibition Tales from the Promised Land celebrates the resilience and imagination of a community frustrated by 10 years of waiting for the promised redevelopment of their estate. One of the participants exhibiting artwork –Adrienne Shortt – describes her groups experience of working with documentary photographer Aislinn Delaney; “We were able to get what was in our mind into the photograph…they show we all had talent and that we found our niche.”

An outdoor exhibition of large scale sculptural and photography work created by local people, young and older, working with professional artists. St Michael’s Youth Project, Family Resource Centre and Common Ground, have worked closely together to make Tales from the Promised Land was made possible. The art on display around the area is as exciting as it is challenging and surprising, really bringing to life the experiences of those living at St. Michael’s Estate.
“We have all worked long and hard towards a public celebration of these art projects. Tales from the Promised Land really transforms St Michael’s Estate into a great exhibition space for public art,” said Siobhán Geoghegan, Common Ground’s director of Artistic Programme.

“Common Ground believes in the power of art to speak for people and change lives. ‘Tales of the Promised Land’ is a perfect example of this in action and we are delighted to have played a part in making it happen” says Margot Kenny, Executive Director of Common Ground.

Tours of Tales from the Promised Land will leave from Flat 118, Block 4, St Michael’s Estate at 4pm on November 20th. Tours are mediated by local residents and artists.