studio 468 – Citizen Artist

studio 468 has created a new awards programme CITIZEN ARTIST that seeks to interrogate our current state of being and inform new thinking and artistic practices.  CITIZEN ARTIST seeks proposals from artists, groups of place and interest, inter-disciplinary collectives/creative practices that seek to research ideas, to challenge and test and build modes of inter-disciplinary thinking and art practice.  These can be between 6 months and two years in order to consider and combine research, provocations, realisations and challenges.

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About studio 468

studio 468 is situated in the vibrant and active St. Andrew’s Community Centre in Rialto, Dublin 8.

The studio differs from the traditional artist’s studio in that it offers extended and multiple practice possibilities for artists who wish to work within a community context.

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Celebrating 468 x 10

In late 2013 studio 468 celebrated its tenth year as a cultural resource in Rialto and the wider Dublin area. To mark the beginning of this anniversary it hosted a combination of inter-disciplinary residencies, starting with a series of short RESEARCH awards in 2013 followed by three long term residencies through 2014 -15.

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