Celebrating 468 x 10

In late 2013 studio 468 celebrated its tenth year as a cultural resource in Rialto and the wider Dublin area. To mark the beginning of this anniversary it hosted a combination of inter-disciplinary residencies, starting with a series of short RESEARCH awards in 2013 followed by three long term residencies through 2014 -15.

First of these were The Producers who are Vaari Claffey, Jeanette Doyle and Seoidin O Sullivan who were resident in studio 468 until the end of June, when an informal performative banquet of screenings/artworks and cold dishes took place in and around the South Circular Road community food garden and St Andrew’s Community Centre, Rialto. The Producers is a collaboration between Gracelands, the food thing and the South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project, in association with Common Ground and studio 468.

While resident in studio 468, The Producers response took account of the users and activities located in and around studio 468 and in St Andrew’s Community centre.  They curated a series of events including:

  • a walk and talk tour looking at the history of Dolphin’s Barn wartime allotments
  • a Seed Swop in studio 468
  • a forage and medicinal plant walk of Rialto and Dolphin’s Barn

Vaari Claffey – Gracelands is a screening, sculpture and performance event curated by Vaari Claffey. Gracelands has developed a way of curating and programming which engages the audience very directly in the delivery of works.  During its residency in studio 468 it explored the potential for the practice of curating by using artworks as a mechanism for thinking. In doing so, it refered to the ideological and formal concerns of particular communities of place and interest.

Jeanette Doyle – The food thing is an ongoing, open ended, collaborative project which emerged from GradCAM, the Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, Dublin. This project centres on the production, preparation and consumption of food and will facilitate the exchange and discussion of food stuffs. It will also critically examine the politics and economic conditions which determine, and are determined by, food production. The food thing is a vibrant, discursive, relational and performative project that is concerned with making normal relations ‘strange’.  It investigates the macro politics and economic implications of consumption, how these relate to the very intimate conditions of what we ingest and through ingestion ultimately becomes us.

Seoidín O’Sullivan – South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project, Dolphins Barn was initiated by Seoidin and community garden activists during her previous residency in studio 468 in April 2007. They have a derelict site on loan from ST Salvage Company that has been converted into a community food garden. The garden has grown food for The Producers event and will be a space of gathering and inspiration for The Producers event.


The following artists were resident from July to December 2013:

Orla Whelan, visual artist & The Drawing Project

The Drawing Project is an initiative of Fatima Homework Club (a programme of Rialto Youth Project).  Since its formation visual artist Orla Whelan has been leading the development of this group along with 2 youth workers from Fatima and Dolphin Homework Clubs building an ambitious programme to meet the specific needs of the young people aged 13-16 years.

The Drawing Group works off site each summer.  Their 6 week residency in studio 468 offered a new opportunity for the group to develop their skills, practice and confidence in art making and public presentation.  At the end of their residency they presented their exhibition The Crazy Colour Chromatic City in studio 468. 


Vanessa Dawes & Eilis Murphy

Vanessa Dawes is a visual artist and during August developed her research weekly via open water swim films in the Grand Canal and River Liffey, all of which are from a swimmer’s perspective.  Her practice combines the physical act of swimming, capturing her swims with a go – pro camera and bringing performance into her art practice with a community of interest. During her residency in studio 468 Vanessa became particularly interested in the work of architect Edwin Lutyens.

Vanessa was awarded a RHA studio award in early 2014.



Eilis Murphy is a visual artist who is currently splitting her RESEARCH award residency between researching the School’s Folklore Scheme in UCD and gathering local games of interest, focusing in particular on street games.  Eilis re-imagined local streets as a playground with a wide range of older residents from across the rialto area.  She re- mapped snippets of games and memories chalk maps, re-enactments, street drawings, video etc.




EYE Public – Aileen Balfe, visual artist and Rialto Youth Project

EYE Public, is collaboration between artist Aileen Balfe, youth worker Gillian O Connor (Rialto Youth Project) & 5 young people.  EYE public seek to capture the critical voice of young people as a part of the re-design of public space in Dolphin House flats complex Rialto.


Theodora Kotsi – Dutch based visual artist and film maker

Theodora is a Greek/Dutch based visual artist based in Eindhoven Holland. Her studio 468 residency proposes to explore how Ireland has responded to the current Europe wide economic crisis through Art and Activism. Theodora will host a  series of cross sectoral research symposia in  studio 468 that will explore:

  • The impact of the crisis on social behaviour
  • Does arts reflect society and how?

As part of her residency Theodora presented her short visual animations & other curated films in the symposia as a starting point for conversation and to exchange ideas.  Common Ground is supporting Theodora to access and invite a wide range of expertise, this includes and is not limited to community activists, architects, artists planners and community workers.





In February 2014 Common Ground invited along with the studio team, key external community and artistic expertise to allocate residencies.  These were: Helen O’Donoghue – Education and Community Curator Irish Museum of Modern Art; Eileen Leahy – lecturer in Community Film Making TCD; Dr John Bissett – local community activist.


  • April – October 2014 Laragh Pitman
  • October 2014 – March 2015 – Fiona Whelan and the Natural History of Hope
  • March – December 2015 – visual artist Emma Haugh and RKSRKG – Rachel Gilbourne and Kate Strain