About Me

About Me was an after-school project of the Family Resource Centre (FRC) in St. Michael’s Estate which focused on photography.

This programme, run by photographer Darragh Shanahan, began in the summer of 2005. Since then, children aged between five and twelve years of age have explored and responded directly to their local area through the medium of photography.

In May 2006, an exhibition of their work, Stick Stories, took place in the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA).

During the course of the programme, in collaboration with Suas, the educational wing of Concern, children on the programme exchanged photographs with children from India and Kenya.

In September 2007 the group began a new phase of the programme, entitled Create the Frame. Through this phase, Darragh assisted the children to develop their photographic skills by creating a studio environment for them to work in. As part of this, they composed their own portraits and those of other children in the group. They then went on to create their own frames for these in a further craft session.

In November 2008, in collaboration with other community groups in St. Michael’s Estate, the children displayed a selection of work they had been working on since 2005 in the exhibition Tales from the Promised Land.