February 2014 News

In February 2014 studio 468 invites applications/proposals for the 468 X 10 REALISATION awards, marking studio 468’s tenth year as a cultural resource in Rialto and the wider Dublin area. In 2013 the first phase of this anniversary was marked with a combination of six short inter-disciplinary RESEARCH awards. studio 468 continues to act as a working space from which to engage locally and artists and/or groups are asked to propose in their application how they will individually or collectively develop their arts practice within the local area.

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November 2013 News


THEATREclub presents HISTORY at Project Arts Centre from 18th to 22nd December. HISTORY is a public art commission to mark the regeneration of St Michael’s Estate. The commission was awarded to THEATREclub in 2011. It is the third and final instalment of a trilogy of work that began with HEROIN (2010) and then THE FAMILY (2012).

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October 2013 News

studio 468

It has already been a very busy year in studio 468. After an exciting week long programme at the end of June, The Producers finished their residency and visual artist Orla Whelan and the Drawing Group from Rialto Youth Project worked in the studio for one month. The Drawing Group completed their residency with an exhibition ‘The Crazy Colourmatic City’ at the end of July.

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The Producers at studio 468

The Producers is a collaboration between Gracelands, the food thing and the South Circular Road Community Food Garden Project, in association with Common Ground and studio 468.

During their studio 468 residency Vaari, Jeanette and Seoidin interacted with the myriad of activities, groups and people who access and are located in and around St Andrew’s Community Centre.

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FESTA – on May 11th and 12th, Dublin’s Grand Canal

Visual artist Kathryn Maguire, the current studio 468 artist developed FESTA over the last eight months.  FESTA is an “artistic nuisance” created by visual artist Kathryn Maguire to celebrate the impact and influence the Grand Canal has had on labour and leisure in Rialto and other areas through which it flows. Kathryn has produced floating artworks ‘US’ Again (a floating mirrored shed) and The Exchange (a floating vegetable garden created by the men’s Gardening Group based in St Andrew’s Community Centre using the iconic Dolphin’s Barn bricks).

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