March 2013 News

Call to Musicians

The Voice programme – a new music residency initiative & partnership between Common Ground and Rialto Day Care Centre.

Rialto Day Care Centre in partnership with Common Ground’s Voice programme now wishes to collaborate with a musician(s) in developing a confidence and skill set in working with the older person through the arts.

Rialto Day Care centre has been in existence since 1995. During the last 18 years it has hosted a number of arts programmes in music creative writing and visual art.  These programmes have brought new opportunities for the Day Care centres users to witness and participate in the arts, and the value and diversity of these programmes both culturally and artistically are being brought back into the centres programming for 2012 into 2013.

This is a call to musicians to propose over a six month period how they would collaborate and compose through voice work with a core group of active older people who access the services of Rialto Day Care Centre.  It will take place on Tuesday mornings.

Submission of Applications/Proposals from musicians :

Please register your interest & submit a proposal to by 5pm March 11th along with your CV.

Interviews will be held in Rialto Day Care Centre on the morning of March 19th. Weekly Voice programme sessions in partnership with Rialto Day Care Centre will begin start on March 26th 2013. For further information please contact Siobhán Geoghegan Director of Artistic programme on 01 7078766  or at