June 2015 News

Emma Haugh visual artist and RGKSKSRG at studio 468

Emma Haugh and RGKSKSRG – curators Kate Strain and Rachael Gilbourne will be located in studio 468 for 9 months (May 2015 to January 2016).  They will jointly animate the studio as a hub of activity for Haugh’s collaborative and multidisciplinary arts practice, in a locally embedded and responsive manner.

This will take place through on-site events such as workshops, conversations, performances and readings, coupled with the on-going material production of image and text based publications/ephemera and small-scale exhibitions/interventions. There is also the potential for engagement with local groups in Rialto and across Dublin 8.

RGKSKSRG as curators will support Haugh to achieve the optimum output from the studio 468 residency, in terms of clearly defined material outcomes, the sustained development of her methodology, and thinking through and making full use of opportunities for public engagement with the wider community of Dublin 8. RGKSKSRG’s commitment is to support the co-ordination of the project, ongoing feedback and discussion, managing public events, and applying a sensitive curatorial understanding that contextualises the ideas and work that is generated during Emma’s residency.  In November – December 2015 Emma Haugh will present a major solo exhibition, curated by RGKSKSRG in NCAD Gallery, Dublin.