February 2014 News

In February 2014 studio 468 invites applications/proposals for the 468 X 10 REALISATION awards, marking studio 468’s tenth year as a cultural resource in Rialto and the wider Dublin area. In 2013 the first phase of this anniversary was marked with a combination of six short inter-disciplinary RESEARCH awards. studio 468 continues to act as a working space from which to engage locally and artists and/or groups are asked to propose in their application how they will individually or collectively develop their arts practice within the local area.

Up to three/four longer term REALISATION awards of approximately 6 to 9 months duration will be awarded from Mid March 2014 to Mid March 2016. It is an opportunity to test and develop participative and collaborative arts thinking and practice. Proposals should demonstrate a clear commitment to artistic outcomes/methodologies in any art form. It may include methods of collaborative art making that could include, but are not limited to: project research, workshops, discussions, invited/public events, critical reflection, theatre, text development and rehearsed/invited readings.

studio 468 is open to joint and individual applications/proposals from new artists/collectives/groups as well as from former resident artists collectives/groups.

Deadline for applications/proposals – February 28th at 5pm.
Please email info@commonground.ie for Application Form and Proposal Brief